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             GRAFFITI REMOVAL 

From the protection of public art murals to the conservation of historic buildings and state-of-the-art commercial facilities.

We're committed to caring for your walls


Graffiti Removal

From natural stone (such as limestone, granite, and marble), stainless steel and plastics. Our graffiti remover is biodegradable and capable of removing a large amount of graffiti without unnecessary waste or run off. 

Graffiti coating .webp

Mural Protection

Protection and conservation of fine art acrylic murals. It offers UV protection, consolidation, and weatherproofing. Restores color to sun-damaged, uncoated murals as well as flexibility and vibrancy to weakened paint binders.


Surface Guard

The treatment transforms natively absorbent surfaces into highly water and oil repellent surfaces (hydrophobic & oleophobic).

It leaves the substrate fully vapor permeable.

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