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Reactiv8® is engineered to rejuvenate and strengthen asphalt shingles. This amazing product is made of over 95% plant-based and polymers and restores old, brittle shingles by bringing back their flexibility, and the ability to expand and contract, making them just like new.

Reactiv8 has been lab tested and proven by an independent qualified lab to accomplish a number of goals: 

  • Aged shingles were rejuvenated and became flexible to a “like new” condition

  • Both old and new shingles were found to be over 80% more resilient and impermeable to moisture and rainwater than untreated shingles

  • Both old and new shingles were found to have their “tensile strength” and internal structure strength greatly increased after treatment of the Reactiv8® shingle​

Reactiv8 shingles 3_edited.jpg
Reactiv8 shingles.jpeg

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  • Restores waterproofing 97%

  • Bonds shingle granular

  • Increases shingle flexibility

  • Helps prevent damage caused by hail and wind

  • Extend your roof life by 5-15 years

  • Penetrates and rejuvenates shingles

  • Environmentally friendly formula

  • Reduces landfill waste

  • Increase UV resistance

  • Prevents moss growth

  • Penetrates fast & dries clear

  • Reactivates shingle seal tabs

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